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Founded in 2020 by the Advano family, Coats and Paws epitomizes a passion for animals, creativity, and sustainability. Synonymous with quality and ethics, our brand curates collections prioritizing pet comfort and eco-conscious materials. Each item, sourced and crafted with care, contributes positively to the planet through partnerships with artisans in India, utilizing eco-friendly materials.

Additionally, a portion of our profits supports global animal welfare initiatives, making a tangible impact on pets’ lives. Our mission extends beyond products; we’re dedicated to fostering a community committed to compassion and sustainable living. Join us in adorning your pets stylishly while contributing to a more ethical and sustainable future.



Coats and paws - where accessories meets style

At Coats and Paws, we strive to celebrate pets with unique and stylish products while prioritizing sustainability and community support. Our vision encompasses innovative offerings that enhance pet and owner experiences, all while upholding ethical values and promoting a more compassionate world. Join us in embracing luxury with a conscience, where every purchase contributes to a brighter future for pets and our planet.

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Our Mission

Coats and Paws - where quality meets comfort

Our mission at Coats and Paws—where quality, comfort, and a commitment to animal health and welfare come together is simple: to deliver products and services that ensure tails keep wagging. Thank you for joining us on this meaningful journey.

Why Choose Us?

We’re deeply committed to delivering not just products, but excellence in every touchpoint. We provide an unmatched quality of offerings, personalized customer support and valuable insights through our exclusive Petcare E-books, we’re here to enhance your pet care experience. Our foundation is built on trust and respect, aiming to cultivate lasting relationships with our community. Let us be your trusted partner in pet care, ensuring tails keep wagging with happiness.



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Ever been dubbed the neighborhood’s pet whisperer? That’s our story. At 26, I’ve funneled this lifelong passion into Coats and Paws, embracing pets as the cherished family members they are. Our lineup—ranging from daily must-haves and stylish statements to cutting-edge pet care innovations—is meticulously designed, crafted, or selected for safety, comfort, and pure delight. We’re committed to growing our range organically, ensuring every product enriches your pet’s life, merging practicality with pleasure. Trust us to sprinkle a bit more joy into your pet’s world. We’re honored to join your family’s journey, making every moment with your furry friend unforgettable.




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